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Iannacone's corner

Iannacone's corner

Iannacone around the world, this page is for you. My name is Costantino Iannacone I was born in San Nicandro Garganico - a small village in Gargano promontory (in Puglia, south to Abruzzi region), but I live in Milano since 1960, where I'm married and have three sons, Marco, Stefano and Matteo. I work in the marketing and comunication area since ever.
San Nicandro was founded some millenium ago by Longobards and other people coming from Abruzzi (exactly from Venafro, they even gave the name of one of their Saints protectors - Nicandro, Nazario and Daria: don't they sound familiar to you?). to the village they chose to live in.
My grandfather, Simone, born in 1876, was a shepard and had many contacts with Abruzzi people.
He went in the States in 1912 with a cousin named Nicandro and lived in Chicago working for the railways company for about an year prior to come back to S. Nicandro alone (I was not able to find out if Nicandro remained in America or not).

GrandPa Simone in Chicago

A couple of years ago I started to enjoy exploring past places & memories and going back to my family origin. After the death of my father I wrote a book with all my findings, feelings & thoughts in a book in Italian recently published: "The call of the roots" (Il richiamo delle radici)- Gioiosa Editrice - 2000.

The one who understand italian might want to read a paragraph taken from my recent book.

During my research I learned that there are a lot of Iannacone in Italy and around the world.
If you are exploring your origin, like me, this is a place where you might want to share your experiences... if you prefer, you can just send me a note telling me your story: costantino@iannacone.org

For the ones that are interested there is also the possibility to register your name and get an e-mail address (or alias) @iannacone.org for 5 Euro/year.