Costantino Iannacone
Media & Marketing Research Consultant - Milan - Italy

  1. Graduate of the Università Cattolica in Milan (political science),
  2. Specialized in advertising and audiovisual media at the Bergamo Institute for Journalism and Audiovisual Media. 
  3. Gained a degree in business studies at the SDA Bocconi University in Milan.

Work Experiences

  1. Started his professional career at the end of sixties with Lambert, an advertising agency, and was involved in studies on the media and with program creation.
  2. Later became advertising and public relations director with British Leyland Italia.
  3. In 1972 he was appointed as director of research and development at Publiepi, the advertising licensee of the Famiglia Cristiana Group.
  4. Towards the end of seventies he moved on to Rizzoli-Corriere della Sera as head of periodicals research.
  5. When the TV network “Italia 1” was founded, he joined Rusconi as marketing director, 
  6. but after Rusconi sold it to Berlusconi and a short period with Rete A from Peruzzo-RTL, he decided to become a free lance publishing and marketing consultant.
In the field of research, he was for many years the coordinator of the most important joint studies of means of communication: ISPI (periodicals), ISEGI (daily newspapers), ISTEL (television), AUDIRADIO (radio).


He has delivered papers at numerous ESOMAR and EMRO seminars and has taken part in many meetings about publishing and advertising in Italy and abroad.
Published tree books on TV, the press and radio.

  1. La misurazione dell'audience TV” (Measuring the TV audience ) - ISTEL-1986 
  2. Come misurare l'audience dei mezzi stampa” (How to measure the print audience) – Lupetti editore – 1990
  3. La Radio, un medium vincente” (The Radio, a medium on the road to success) – Lupetti  E.C. -1996
  4. Il richiamo delle radici (The call of the roots) - Gioiosa Editrice - 2000
  5. “La perfetta pianificazione pubblicitaria sui media (The perfect advertising planning on media) - Lupetti-2005
  6. Avanti c'e' posto (Come one, come all) - Lupetti - 2005